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    •  This site is great, your Method Statement template got me out of a hole and covered both Risk Assessment and Method Statement. I wouldn’t change anything its all good. Thanks Declan
    • Absolutely  brilliant  no complaints,took about 15 mins to complete Great result very professional. Excellent  service thank you. Brian
    • Very easy to use, didn’t take long at all. Just what I was looking for. Anonymous 
    • Hi Killian, I actually cheated and used your site for a non construction based business. I think it was extremely helpful for people like ourselves (family run business with very little resources). Thank you very much. Maire
    • Killian, Very easy to use, just took 15 mins. No I wouldn’t change anything it’s really good.  Mick
    • Hi Killian, Thanks for the method  statement. It was very easy to follow for us. Just took us around 20 mins. Kindest Regards. Laura
    • Hi Killian . Thank you for setting up this service. I am an electrician working for myself and have been asked to provide a method statement and did not know were to start. Your templates helped me all the way from start to finish in about 20 mins. James

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    • Hey Killian, Thanks a million for this help. I’m doing a final year project in Health and Safety in Construction and method statement template for construction really helps.  Fair play dude. I’m going to share your website on my Facebook page which should get a lot of positive feedback. Keep up the good work ha. Regards, Pat
    • Killian, Great service, definitely a help. Monica
    • Very easy to use, The method statement template only took about 20 minutes or so and I can’t think of anything to change. It was very helpful and very professional.Thanks, Gerry
    • Hi Killian, Firstly I’d like to thank you very much for being able to use your website for my method statement. It’s the first one I’ve ever done and it was very easy to do. It did take a long time for me to complete it but that was because I didn’t have the full information I needed for the job. Thanks again Liz
    • We are delighted with this page. We have forwarded the Method Statement to the architect for checking tomorrow and hopefully he will be happy with it.  We found the site easy to use and apart from not realising first time that we could add an additional hazard such as Demolition it did exactly what we wanted.  I will be in touch to confirm that the architect was happy Tony

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  • Hi Killian, This is great. Much better than the method statement templates I’ve used before. It was easy, took less than 10 mins. I’ll definitely use it again and recommend it to others. Thanks, John
  • Hi Killian, Thank you for method statement !! You safe my life !!! Your idea is great , without your help I will be not able provide good looking method statement for builder . Rafal
  • Just printed it off .it saved me a lot of time .thanks Paddy
  • Hi Killian. Ye found it very handy to complete. It took roughly 10 minutes to complete  Nothing really stands out that needs changed in my opinion. Regards Patrick 
  • Hi killian, Once again thanks for your help with the method statement for my husband, we are both quite useless with computers so i found it very manageable albeit it took me a long time to fill in the details but i am hoping the finished  printed document will be what our local council requires.from theresa.
  • Hi killian, I found it very easy to use and will be using it again for further contracts in the near future. Bob
  • Well done amazing service. Shane
  • Hi Killian, Thanks for providing your service. I found it easy to use and very well laid out. Great the way you simplified things down. Took me a bit longer yes, prob 25 mins. Roger
  • Killian, I found this very easy to use and very quick to complete and would have no hesitation in recommending it. Regards Terence