Method Statement Creator Changelog

Method Statement Creator Changelog

The original Method Statement Example which is the starting point for all documents will continually be updated as we review submissions and receive feedback.  I am somewhat reluctant to include a template to cover every scenario as this will over complicated things so an update every few weeks will be the way to go. Eventually I will get to a template that will be suitable for most users.

Initially I thought this would be purely for construction but I have had people complete method statements for the following tasks also:

  • A taxi run for collection children for a school run
  • Refilling office supplies in a Pharmaceutical Plant
  • Installing PC’s in a school

Keep em coming in as by people continually submitting documents can I continue to shape the original Method Statement Example

Method Statement Creator Changelog:

I have made the following changes to the embedded Method Statement Creator over the past 10 days as I have received submissions and feedback. Thanks to those who took time to send in feedback.

    • The most important change is that entries can now be saved and used as a future Method Statement Example. After registering as a user the created documents are stored under My Completed Docs
    • The end date of the works can no longer be before the start date.
    • I have added more items to the tools and equipment section. This brings the total amount included in the Method Statement Template to 14. I will be also adding to the Machinery section in the next week or so. The full list of tools and equipment is below:


Use of Chain, Slings etc.

Abrasive Wheels

Handtools: Hammer, Knives Etc

Nail Gun Generator

Power Tools

KangoBattery Drill/Screwdriver

Circular Saw

Extension Leads


SDS Drill


Wacker Plate

Cement Mixer

  • I have changed the Manual Handling controls. The following line has been omitted.”Eg organizing a teleporter to lift in large or heavy items”. This has been removed as we have had some submissions using the Method Statement Example for works other than constructions sites.

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