Method Statement Template

Method Statement Template

I was passing through a town the other day and I saw the lads building a two-story house and I thought to myself “I Could do a Method Statement for That”.  It was a simple process of using my previously saved Method Statement Template that I had for the block work of a single story house which was saved under My Completed Docs where I already had the names and details of all the employees details in place.

The process

  • I had to change the following details on the method statement
  • Site address, dates and the location of the works
  • The picture of the works area
  • Of course the steps on how to complete the works, which were very similar to the original but I just had to change the steps to include the first floor.
  • I added cement mixer to the Tools and Equipment section as it was not available before.
  • All the work at height equipment stayed the same.
  • A bit of tweaking on the Risk Assessments alright to include protecting the stair ope on the controls

After those few simple changes, I was able to generate the paperwork in jig time. Then it would be just a matter of running through it with the lads.

  • Change the location and the dates


Now I have added a new Method Statement Template to my saved docs so the next time will be easier still.

Why a photo in the method statement

Some people have a mental block about photos in a Method Statement but the idea of a picture is that when the supervisor will be going through the method statement with the lads then everyone gets and idea of what we are talking about and it just makes the safe system of work so easy to explain. And with everyone involved in the works are all singing from the same hymn sheet out safety performance will be better.



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