We have now added Method Statement tool-tips

Method Statement tool-tips

Its been a while since I have made any changes. I was busy saving lives elsewhere but now that I have time I have added Method Statement Tool-tips.

The project seems is ticking away nicely and each week we are getting more and more finished documents. We have had a lot of suggestions over the past few weeks and the best one was to have tool-tips on the Method Statement creator. I have noticed that a lot of the Method statements being created are just “Fastest finger first”. This is not why I have put this site together. This site is an aid to small business owners and the self employed to create Method Statements, not a get out of jail free card. With users entering the data and reviewing the results I can fine tune the process by which the document is  created

Thus the Method Statement Tool-tips. I hope the tool-tips will encourage users to be more creative with the document creator. Resulting in a more finished document in the end.

By hovering over the question marks a tool-tip shows up, this is a prompt for the users to add or take out information as required.

The user can even copy and paste from the tool tip to save time. Also included is a risk assessment matrix as a tool-tip to aid with the Risk Assessments. You can see how we calculate risk assessments here

Tool-tips are now up and running on the Method Statement Creator

We also have some screen shots of the tool-tips in action.

The tool tips will guide the users through the Method Statement and prompt them along.

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