Method Statement update Week 3 April 2017


Method Statement update Week 3 April 2017

The week I had a various amount of Method Statements created. As well as the usual general construction ones I had the following:

  • Method Statement for the installation of a commercial sound system
  • Method Statement for General Electrical Maintenance
  • Method Statement for Landscaping
  • Method Statement for Applying silicone

There was also another one that involved using lifting equipment which showed up a few errors.

Method Statement Changelog Week 3 April 2017 :

Lifting Equipment option

There was an issue when a user selected the “Lifting Equipment option” under “The use of Plant and Other Equipment on Site” section where the Risk Assessments were not automatically populated. This has now been resolved and the RA’s are now being populated.

Just to clarify that “

  • Use of Chain, Slings etc. refers to chain blocks and pulley’s.
  • Lifting Equipment refers powered machinery lifting: e.g. Hiab, Forklift
An edit to the Tractor Risk controls was also required

A small issue; the term “Tractor is checked before use” was repeated in the controls for the safe use of tractor.Method Statement Update
This is now edited and the issue is now a resolved



Page speed increased

Have changed some of the code to make the website load faster as that was an issue for some. Mostly PHP & CSS tweaks.

It will never be the fastest website to load due a lot of processes going on in the background for examples of Method Statements on the site, video’s and then of course the Method Statement engine itself.

The Site is now in the top 40% of sites which is twice as fast as it used to be.Method Statement Update


Work in progress

Over the past week I have made Icons for PPE, when selecting the PPE for the works the user can now select an Icon as can be done with work at height. It is more of a visual change than anything else.

I will also cut the size of the photo’s on the main webpage to speed up load time and a few other tweaks also.

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