Preloaded Method Statement Template’s

We now have Preloaded Method Statement Template’s to get users started.

These free Method Statement templates are available for anyone, the documents are generic but can be tailored to suit any works

You can find the preloaded templates here Preloaded Method Statement Template’s

  • Method Statement: for Plastering a domestic dwelling
  • Method Statement: Electrical first and second fix
  • Method Statement: 1st, 2nd fix plumbing
  • Method Statement: Excavate green field site and install foundations
  • Method Statement: Blockwork on a single storey house
  • Method Statement: Roofing houses, First fixing, Second fixing

The purpose of the templates.

As usual the Method Statement Engine is a tool to aid small contractors, the works above are for general domestic housing method statements. Once the template is loaded into the engine the user just needs to add a few specific details about the site and the works.
A small bit of tweaking to the Sequence of Operations and the Risk Assessments to suit the working envoirnment and thats it ! The method statement is to be brought to the attention of the workers involved in the activities and they should sign off on it to verify that they agree to apply the safe control measures.

Click on the links to see the prepopulated Method Statements below.

Civil Works Method Statement

Blockwork Method Statement

Plastering Method Statement

Plumbing Method Statement

Roofing Method Statement

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