1st Anniversary now one year in operation.

In the past year I have seen various types of Method Statements generated by site, 1165 as a matter of act that, on average 3 Method statements a day.

Over the past year I have had a lot of users that have put together really good Method Statements so kudo’s to you 🙂 . Unfortunately I haven’t had as much time to devote to the project as I would have liked, this is due to the upturn in the economy as I am busy on site and with safety training but for the next 12 months I hope to make further improvements to the system.

Your Feedback

The feedback that I am getting is positive. It would be nice to get more so if you could please.

All types of feedback are acceptable, Positive or Negative

Site Stats

Of the 13,452 pages viewed on the site over the past 12 months I have had 3,708 unique visitors to the site which means that each visitor viewed on average 4 pages on the site.

Our users

In total there are 330 users on the system which is a conversion rate of 10% which basically means that one out of every ten people who visit the site have a go at putting together a method statement, it could be better so I am going to revamp the front page with that aim in mind. Of those 330 we 167 are recurring users that come back to us to generate new documents.

  • 127 Recurring users – Using the service at least once per month
  • 143 Registered Users – Have only used the service once
  • 60 Users that have only used the service once but have not registered on the site

Site Running Costs

To run this site over the past year has cost €1,813.44. In donations I have received €293.00. The outstanding balance of €1,520.44 is self funded. Advertising has costed €476.84 so I have packed that in and the site is now running under its own steam.




I see a lot of opportunity for the website and going forward I intend to flesh out the process to make it even more user-friendly, I am in the process of getting better hosting provider as where the site hosting for the moment is cheap and cheerful but that comes with its downside as the site has it’s moments, so thanks for your patience on your continued support of the project.

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