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Use preloaded Method Statement Template’s

Client or Main Contractor NameWorks OverviewOptions
Template DocumentPlastering a domestic dwelling
Template DocumentElectrical first and second fix
Template Document1st, 2nd fix plumbing
Template DocumentExcavate green field site and install foundations
Template DocumentBlockwork on a single storey house
Template DocumentRoofing houses, First fixing, Second fixing



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You can use my preloaded Method Statement Template by clicking on the Duplicate button . This will pre-populate the method statement engine for the particular works.

Once the templates are loaded into the engine the user just needs to add the following:

SubContractor Name
SubContractor Email Address
SubContractor Contact Telephone
SubContractor Address
Client or Main Contractor Name
Site Address
Start Date
Site Supervisor
Site Supervisor Contact Telephone





A small bit of tweaking to the Sequence of Operations and the Risk Assessments to suit the working environment and that’s it ! The method statement is to be brought to the attention of the workers involved in the activities and they should sign off on it to verify that they agree to apply the safe control measures.





Click on teh duplicate button beside the Method Statement template you wich to use to start
We have created some template method statements to aid users, just click on the duplicate button to start of with a previously saved document

Its purpose:

When finished, the method statement will be used to specify the health and safety control measures needed to control the hazards as identified by the risk assessment that has been carried out for the works. Method Statements always site specific and are used to control the operation and to make sure that all involved with the works are aware of the hazards and the safety precautions that need to be taken.

This list will be updated as demand continues so please feel free to check back at any time to see if we can accommodate your specific requirements. If anyone has any special requests please do drop me a line on the Contact Us page.

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