Walkthrough Template Method Statement for Civil Works

Walk-through Method Statement for Civil Works

This free to use Method Statement for Civil works is based on Clearing a green field site, excavating and pouting foundations.

You can find the “Method Statement for Civil Works” along with other preloaded templates here Preloaded Method Statement Template’s

The Method Statement for Civil works is based on:

  • Clearing a green field site
  • Excavating the topsoil
  • Marking and digging the foundations
  • Cutting and tieing A393 mesh and pouring the foundations

Machinery was one of the biggest killers on sites up until a few years ago but since the law changed in 2008 to make flashing beacons, reversing/movement alarms and CCTV/Mirrors mandatory on most construction equipment things have gotten a lot safer. Of course it does not stop there as the people in the area should also wear high vis vest to enable them to be seen and the people on the ground should be made aware of the dangers of working with machinery.

I have also included: “Scaffold planks will be used to make walkways across the foundations”. As expecting lads to span across a 900mm foundation while tapping it, is just not acceptable anymore.


The steps outlined in the preloaded method statement are as below.

  • All workers will read through this method statement and sign off
    Method Statement for Civil Works
    Method Statement for Civil Works
  • Excavator and dumper will be brought on site
  • Site entrance to be knocked
  • Site fencing erected and signage put in place to warn others about the dangers of entering the site
  • Roadway to be stripped off and topsoil removed by dumper to soil heap
  • Lorries to bring trunking on site for roadway, trunking to be levelled with excavator and tracked into place
  • Area for house to be stripped of topsoil and stored in spoil heap
  • Foundations to be marked with lime
  • Foundations to be excavated and checked with laser level
  • A393 Mesh to be delivered onto site and cut into strips using a petrol powered cutoff saw
  • Steel Mesh to be laid into foundations on top of bricks
  • Mesh to be tied to make it secure
  • Pegs to be driven into the foundations and levelled sing a laser level
  • Concrete trucks to be brought onto site
  • Scaffold planks will be used to make walkways across the foundations.
  • Concrete to be poured and long reaches to be accessed by using conveyor belt or excavator
  • Concrete to be tapped to a finished
  • Works area to be tidied and main contractor notified

Training Required:

Safe Pass, Manual Handling & Abrasive Wheels

The obvious hazards associated with the works area

Working with Cement, Abrasive Wheels & 

Overhead cables and underground services are not present on this site, the may be selected as other hazard and then the controls edited to suit.

Then on the machinery side of things, Excavators & Site Dumpers

The template Method Statement for Civil Works is below.

Civil Works Method Statement


More information on this topic is available on the Health & Safety Authority website Plant and Machinery section

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