Walkthrough Method Statement for Plumbing

Walk-through Method Statement for Plumbing a domestic house.

This Template for Plumbing is free for users to use as a template, the document is generic but can be tailored to suit any works

You can find the preloaded templates here Preloaded Method Statement Template’s

The Method Statement for Plumbing takes into consideration the general plumbing of a two story house or a dormer type dwelling

There is a bit of low work and heavy lifting of Tanks, Boilers and Radiators in plumbing which increases wear and tear on the back. This method statement takes that into account. There is also a mention of Lock Out Tag Out in the method statement as plumbing and electrical has a large overlap. Work at height is another thing thas has been taken into account for solar panels and runing pipes through ceiling joists.


The steps outlined in the preloaded method statement are as bMethod Statement for Plumbingelow.

  • Before any work commences all people involved in the project will have completed a MAIN CONTRACTOR site induction.
  • A toolbox talk which covers this method statement will also be held and all involved will sign and agree to the working methods
  • 1st Fix
  • All pipework will be installed on insulation before concrete floors are poured
    Plastic piping to be ran from the hot press area to the radiator locations, piping to be fixed in location and covered with sandbags
  • 1st fix first floor
  • After carpenters have finished roofing, using a ladder the joists will be drilled and plastic piping ran through to the radiator areas. The first floor will be drilled to allow piping to run through for the radiators and waste water.
  • While scaffold is in place solar panels will be installed onto the roof and pipework ran into the house. These will either broken down and lifted up onto the scaffold or lifted up onto the scaffold using lifting machinery on site driven by the main contractor’s employee’s
  • 2nd fix.
  • A kango/heavy hammer will be used to break any concrete around the piping in the first floor
  • Brackets will be fixed onto the walls and radiators plumb and hung
  • The tank will be installed in the hot press and all piping installed
    The boiler will be placed onto the footpath and pipework ran from it to the hot press and the oil tank
  • After electricity is installed and electrician has connected up the system, plumbers will return to commission the system
  • Sanitary ware to be fitted into place and plumbed
  • Note: Trollies or lifting machinery on site driven by the main contractor’s employee’s to bring boiler and tank into position

The hazards associated with the works area

Falls From Height, Falling Objects, Slips trips & falls, Dust, Manual Handling, Working in or around Machinery, Working with Cement, Nips & Cuts to Hands, Handtools: Hammer, Knives Etc, Kango, SDS Drill, Abrasive Wheels, Nail Gun, Generator, Power Tools, Kango, Circular Saw, Extension Leads, SDS Drill, Jigsaw, Battery Drill/Screwdriver

A lot of houses nowadays have the PV solar panels to the Sequence of works will have to be changed to reflect that, but thats about the go of it


The template Method Statement for Plumbing is below.

Plumbing Method Statement

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