Writing Method Statements

Writing Method Statements

To avoid frustration we have created free to use templates which cover most construction works. Just head on over to where we have Method Statement Templates ready to use.

Writing Method Statements is not an easy task. The person who is completing the Method Statement is generally well versed in the works where to them the steps in the working methods are automatic. They just don’t have to think about it.

Onsite I get some fair “yokes” is all you could call them coming past me. I have no option but to send them back for review.

The problem as I see it is that most people don’t understand the workings of a Method Statement. Resulting in Work Methods in the finished document poorly outlined.

Writing Method Statements
Method Statement Example

The purpose of the document

Firstly we cannot just assume that everyone is thinking the same way. Also that all persons involved in the works are all going to follow the same routine. The whole purpose of the document is to outline the steps of a process so that every employee is given a chance to read through it. By doing this everyone understands the Safe Working Methods. To this end the document must have a step by step process explaining the procedure.

Secondly the person authorising the Method Statement, be it the Client, Main Contractor or a Safety Officer like myself may not be familiar with trade itself, or the method of the works. So the Safe Working Procedure must be outlined to them to give assurance that the job can correctly and without risk.

Other factors also that come into play for the Client, Main Contractor of Safety Officer an those are what impact will the works have:

  • On other persons in the area ?
  • Is the contractor aware of the sign in sign out rules ?
  • How will materials and waste be brought in and out of the workplace ?
  • What kind of tools and equipment are being used ?
  • Is the contractor aware of the Hazards ?
  • Do they have adequate Control Measures in place to control the hazards ?

In part 2 we will start going through the steps.


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